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Impossible to replace bulb

These globes are really beautiful, especially for the few months that the LED bulb lasts. Unfortunately, the company has made no provision for the replacement of these special bulbs. Once they go out, they are out for good. It is reasonable to assume that bulbs can be replaced, so it is irresponsible of the company not to warn customers and not to design the product to be sustainable.

Lip chaps

Love them so much

Fun puzzle!

I really enjoyed this puzzle. I like how it was printed on the back so we could tell if we had a correct piece. The pieces were thick and not flimsy and the packaging was very cute. I really hope to see some new puzzle designs.

Gentlemen's Hardware Fly Fishing Enamel Mug

A game that will keep your neighbors up wondering what all the racket is about!

So much fun! The net is retracts and expands great for multiple uses a good way to create borders for your pets. Overall the game is fun almost broke a tv but who cares when your having fun!

Uh huh Honey

Not nearly as good as the Folklore Honey lip balm (bring it back, please) but nicer than most. Can you look into getting more Folklore? I’d buy a box!!!

So cute!

My friend adores magnolias. In her house, They are everywhere ! I got this for her bday. I know she’s gonna love it!

The most beautiful multitool I've ever seen

Great design, awsome craftmanship, perfect material selection, I really love the carbon steel finishing of the tool.
Great tool that I'll keep near my belt for every working day.

Great Gift!

I bought these to have on hand for gift gifting. An awesome, unique way to let someone know they are appreciated!

Vacay kit

This kit is great to bring in carryon luggage as it is small enough to carry my hair stuff and I love the hair gadgets. Ty

Beautiful Pens!

I loved how elegant these pens are. They are the perfect size to carry in my purse and I feel so professional and sophisticated using them!

Handy key chain and bike tool

Will go well with the bike tool

Arrived quickly

My order arrived very quickly even with it being Christmas week.


I’m not sure how much fun my 2 and a half year old granddaughter is having with the funny faces but i had a blast popping out the pieces and making faces.

Adorable socks!

A great cute pair of socks to remind you to flake on occasions or actually go out this time. Perfect socks for me since I have a hard time deciding whether I should stay in bed or go out and live life.

Perfect for an Unapologetic Baddie

Wear it on your ankles! A great pair of socks to show people that you don’t make mistakes. Great for baddies everywhere plus they are super glittery, stretchy and cute.

Cute socks!

For when I’m feeling indecisive. Perfect pair of socks that represent my moodiness and cuteness. It’s 2020 and I want the best of both worlds!

Smoother than smoothness itself!

Amazing formula have purchased the honey one in the past. Such a great lip balm no disappointments. Such a creamy and smooth balm. Trying to drink my coffee at the moment and my lips slipped off such a great problem to have

No more dry crusty lips

Omg the best lip balm ever. Smooth on my lips the formula is great! I have tried Vaseline, blistex, etc and this is the only lip balm that works on me. Buying more soon for the sake of my lips!

Cute gift for young girl

Purchased this for my four year old niece. Her father is an artist and they spend a lot of time in his studio so I thought she could relate!

Fast Service and Great Selection

Very happy with my purchases and the speed in which the order was delivered. Will order again!

Excellent service

Very quick order processing. High quality products!

Folklore Magic

Beautiful cups to our growing collection. Holding a story in your hand is a moment in the day to let your imagination smile.

Not so good

Too expensive, found cheeper with a coupon, and want to return. Trying to figure out how to rtn. Should be back in the mail to you guys next week, sorry

Great Stocking Stuffer

Purchased this for my boyfriend for Christmas. The waterproof cards are nice for playing card games wherever and the tin makes everything easy to pack