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Forgotten how to perform their favorite trick or lost the phone instructions? Don’t worry, you can download a replacement set below, just type in a key word or the product code in the search bar to find your item

If you have trouble finding what you are looking for please email our friendly customer services team and they will happily assist you on + 1 866 285 4407 or email info@wildandwolf.com

Description File Type File Size

746 Telephones

2.75 MB


7.42 MB

Draw A Blank

5.45 MB

Sumo Slam (Multi Language)

5.02 MB

Sumo Slam (English)

1.48 MB

Caffeine Hit

9.79 MB

Avocado Smash

3.27 MB

Ridley’s Pick Up Sticks

152.09 KB

Ridley’s Tumbling Blocks

1.64 MB

Scandi Telephones

163.84 KB

Trim Phones

86.39 KB