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Mother’s Day Gifts…Discover Key Trends for Your Mother’s Day Displays!


Make sure your shop is ready for Mother's Day this year! We share some top consumer trends and merching advice for you to make the most out of the retail day dedicated to moms!


With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, we’re here to help your customers find that special gift to help express their appreciation and love for their moms.

We’ve seen a growing trend for more considered gifts for Mother’s Day. Gone are the days when you’d buy just a scented candle or a patterned pair of oven mitts for the number one woman in your life. To celebrate those who brought us into the world, Mother’s Day 2019 is shaping up to include more thoughtful, beautifully-designed gifts that tie into their interests or enable them to look after themselves — namely, gifts that recognise that they’re not just a parent and allow them to have some much needed ‘mom-time’.

Encourage sales during Mother’s Day by creating in-store or window displays capitalising on the below top consumer trends that feed into moms’ hobbies and interests:

Mothers Day Edm 140219 V2 Beauty Treats For MomTrend #1: A Beauty Treat For Moms

People tend to forget that moms are people, too — and before they were moms (and had time for it!) they enjoyed looking after themselves and taking pride in their appearance. It can be so tricky for moms to balance some much-deserved time for self-care throughout the busy day filled with school runs, work, drop-offs at football practice and breastfeeding. For the moms who are often too busy for makeup and grooming but still want to look their best, our Yes Studio Mixed Emotions Double Nail Varnishes, Lip Balms and Self Love Bath Fizzer as well as our Draper James Manicure Kit are perfect to help them look polished even when they’re always on-the-go.

Mothers Day Edm 140219 V2 Moms Home Style

Trend #2: Mom’s Stylish Home

So many moms have a passion and knack for interior design. They love casting their aesthetic eye over their home, making changes large and small to ensure that it’s beautifully decorated but also has that homey feeling. Adding even the small, lovely touches can truly make a house into a home. We have several products that are very small touches, but because they feature unique designs, can have a larger impact on the space! Moms would love our new Trinket Tins from Draper James to ensure that their jewelry is tucked away with sweet messages like ‘Call Your Mama‘ and ‘Pretty as a Peach‘, and our Magnolia Recipe Tin would be a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. As well, moms would love our new Famous Women Quiz from Ridley’s Games not just to learn more about impressive women, but also because the geometric pattern box is an interior lover’s dream when decorating a living or game room!

Mothers Day Edm 140219 V2 Momstagrammer

Trend #3: The Mom-stagrammer

Millennial moms have been causing a storm on social media by reinventing the way moms portray motherhood. They share the realities of motherhood: the good, the bad and the ugly. Whereas before moms felt a pressure to always be perfect and on top of everything, millennial moms are challenging this with a mindset of ‘we’re doing our best, and that’s okay’. Socially-savvy millennial moms are a very discerning, fun and honest group of women who would love Mother’s Day gifts that are Instagrammable, have a hint of nostalgia and reflect their fresh approach to parenting. Mothers will be on the look-out for products that allow them to express their tongue-in-cheek, candid outlook to motherhood and several of our Yes Studio lines tap into this trend perfectly: our ‘It’s Been A Long Week Planner, ‘Avocado‘ Lunchbox and ‘I Did Not Wake Up Like This‘ Mug. Classic and traditional mom-stagrammers would also adore our Draper James Sisterhood Tumbler!