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Gentlemen’s Hardware Survival Checklist Banner

Gentlemen’s Hardware Survival Checklist


3/27/17 – Read our Gentlemen’s Hardware survival checklist before camping trips, wilderness weekends and bike rides into the forest.

Our Gentlemen’s Hardware collection is here to help you face the rigorous outdoors.

The innovative selection of multi-tools compacts handy appliances in one, neat tin for easy transporting. Our spring launch has expanded the outdoors range, whether it’s fire-starting, cooking or sleeping under the stars, we’ve got the right tools for the job. With commitment to quality, function and style here’s our Gentlemen’s Hardware survival checklist:

For setting up:

Setting up camp is an important part of any trip, this patch of grass or woodland is to be your home for the next few nights (or weeks!). The fire is likely to be central to any camp base, with it being your source of warmth, light and means to cooked food, it’s crucial to get a sizzling fire going as a key priority. Once the perfect fire wood has been collected, our 10-in-1 Axe Multi-Tool will help you chop the wood, with its serrated knife, axe and saw. The mini tool is ideal for fitting into your backpack and all folds away neatly into the beechwood handle.

If daylight is drawing in and you’re against the clock to get your camp set up, use our gold LED Flashlight to lead the way – a general camping must-have.

New for this season is our lightweight Pocket Ground Sheet, easy to carry with its compact bag and carabiner. Made from a waterproof and durable material, resistant to tearing and ripping, the groundsheet will see you through the night, whatever the weather.

For entertainment:

The latest addition to Gentlemen’s Hardware outdoors range is the ideal source of entertainment when camping – Waterproof Playing Cards. Playing cards around the campfire is nothing new, but these innovative cards are waterproof and each card contains a different survival tip or fact! For example, find out the best time of day to catch fish and did you know that ‘insects contain more protein than beef’? Packaged in a tin, these will fit nicely in your camping bag.

If you’re an avid fisher and are on a trip near a lake do not panic about the amount of equipment you would usually have to carry. Our Fishing Multi-Tool is a 6-in-1 tool consisting of a file, scaler, hook disgorger, knife, scissors and straight pin which all store away tidily in a case which doubles up as a measurer.

For meal times:

Meal times in the wilderness are a lot different to in the kitchen, say goodbye to the fridge, kettle and microwave and hello to your campfire. The 6-in-1 Barbecue Multi-Tool includes a spatula, fork, grill brush and two bottle openers to help you rustle up a feast. Similarly, the Spork Camping Tool is a great gadget to assist meal times, featuring a spoon, fork, corkscrew, foil cutter, penknife and bottle opener. For desirable grilled food, we have two Portable Barbecues, in the style of an easy-to-carry suitcase and a bucket barbeque with a handle. The Gentlemen’s Hardware enamel range has everything you’ll need to serve up a meal, including the new tumbler and mug sets, adding to the popular range of plates and bowls, ideal for camping. Similarly, the collection of steel flasks, including a food flask and spoon and water bottle are essential for when you’re on-the-go.

Must have multi-tools:

The Gentlemen’s Hardware collection of tinned multi-tools support all sorts of outdoor activities. We’ve narrowed them down to suit your wilderness needs:

Keychain Multi-Tool – A new addition for spring/summer, this keychain tool contains an LED torch, bottle opener, cross and flat head screw-driver, cash stash and multi-hex wrench. Easy to chain to your backpack or existing keys, this will help with setting up camp and keeping a stash of cash safe for emergencies.

Backpack Multi-Tool – This tool includes the ultimate adventure must-have, a compass! Find your way with the help of the LED torch and cut fire wood and string with the penknife and saw. All packed together with a handy carabiner to attach to your bag.

Share your photos of our Gentlemen’s Hardware products on your camping trips, with the hashtag #theadventureawaits on all social media platforms!