Yes Studio: Saying it like it is since 2018

The story of Yes Studio is the story of a feeling.

…that Friday feeling.

It’s an empowering feeling, one that makes you hold your head up high and love life. It’s that sweet, sweet knowledge that the week is over – and you can finally be completely and utterly yourself.  

If a product could help you sustain that Friday feeling all week long, our designers at Wild + Wolf wanted to be the ones to make it.

In 2018, Yes Studio was born.

Yes Studio is a UK Design Collective that produces beauty accessoriesstationerytravel essentialsnovelty gifts and more.

From eye-catching typography to bold statements, Yes Studio is all about empowerment. It wants you to embrace yourself exactly as you are, whether you’re an outright fierce femme or a more quietly sassy femme.


Don't be shy about the Feminist you are with this Feminist Mug from Yes Studio!

Yes Studio says all different personalities – and moods – matter. So listen to yourself, love yourself, and tell the whole world what you’re all about.  

Struggling to push through a long week? Shout it out loud and proud with our It's Been a Long Week Power Planner

Building friendships & experiences

The great thing about Fridays is thinking of all the fun things you’ll get up to on the weekend. Yes Studio loves creating those fun, weekend-like experiences for you to share with your bestie, any day of the week.

That’s why our Multi-Masking Set includes two of each mask: one for you and one for your bestie. It’s the perfect excuse for a chilled night in. Go on, pamper yo’selves!

This Multi-Masking Set includes energising masks for your hands, eyes, lips and face

Saying Yes to our planet

Yes Studio is working towards becoming more sustainable as a brand. It’s currently focussing on reducing plastic use and using non-toxic soy inks, when possible.

To give a little back to our planet, the brand has partnered with Born Free, an international wildlife charity that campaigns to ‘Keep Wildlife in the Wild’.

In light of this partnership, the team has designed a range of Multi-Tools shaped like endangered animals (Giant Panda, Sea Turtle and Black Rhino). 40p from every purchase will be donated to Born Free to aid in their animal conversation efforts.

All the Multi-Tools were lovingly drawn in-house. The design team had to be extra creative, as they had to figure which part of each animal could be turned into a tool!

This Giant Panda On-The-Go Multi Tool features 7 tools that will help you survive in the urban jungle

More Fridays comin’ up

There’s more of that Friday feelin’ in our latest collection.  With everything being drawn and designed in-house, there’s plenty of room for more playful, innovative designs.

Look out for our Novelty Socks, colour-changing Heat Sensitive mugsgifts for students and more...

Sorry or Not Sorry? Put your best foot forward and don't apologize for being you with our Sorry Not Sorry Socks!

 We hope Yes Studio will succeed in its mission to empower you – and will make every day feel at least a little bit like Friday.