Top Tips for Working from Home this Summer!

Will you be working from home this summer?

You may find that your productivity will take a bit of a hit with the heat - and without office air conditioning or a comfortable work set-up, staying focused can be a bit of a challenge.

Here are 5 top tips for working from home during the summer months, and some of our favorite stationery picks to help you power through! 

1) Nail the set-up

If you haven’t got the ideal set-up yet, now is the time to do it. It's too hot to be uncomfortable. Get yourself a desk chair, and make sure your desk is the right height (fingers relaxed with wrists straight while typing). You could also look at getting a stand-up desk, if you struggle with staying seated all day.

2) Keep cool

Too much warmth can really affect your productivity. In fact, studies have shown that hot weather can have an adverse effect on employee productivity levels by up to 20% and increase distraction by a massive 45%!

Read these 10 tips on how to stay cool while working from home. And make sure to stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle nearby, like our double-walled insulated Ted Baker Pale Gold Water Bottle.


3) Get quality stationery

It's so important to have quality stationery supplies on your desk. Good stationery works wonders for motivation, so take some time looking for the best stationery for you!

We'd recommend always having a good desk planner at hand, like our Yes Studio Weekly Desk Planner. For some stylish note-taking during team video calls, check out Ted Baker Black's Opal Mini Notebook & Pen.

And for ultimate organization, we love Ted Baker's Opal A5 Notebook with Sticky Notes Set.


4) Try single-tasking

 It may be tempting to do household chores and life admin during the breaks in your work day. But that pile of laundry/email to the gas company can wait! 

Ask yourself, "Would I be doing [insert chore here] at work?" If the answer's a clear no, try to hold off and just enjoy a breather during your coffee and lunch breaks. Your job may require a fair bit of multi-tasking, but your life doesn't have to.

If you do feel your work tasks and life admin are creeping up on you, separate them in two different notebooks! Check out Draper James' Set of 2 Mini Notebooks to feel beautifully organized. 


5) Wellbeing

It's hot, sticky, and your vacation plans may have been cancelled. And you're not able to enjoy the usual coffee break chats with your colleagues. If you're feeling a little low and isolated right now, that's normal!

Here are some great tips on how to protect your mental wellbeing when working remotely, according to a psychologist.

We recommend you stay connected with your family and friends as much as possible, and if you need a little me-time, journaling is a great anxiety and stress buster. If you don't quite have the motivation to start a journal, here's a Draper James Magnolia Ballpoint Pen to help encourage you to get you stuck in!

Good luck and happy Summer from all of us at Wild + Wolf! Want to see more stationery? Shop all of our stationery here.