6 Fun (and Socially Distanced) Summer BBQ Games

It's barbecue season!

Your summer barbecues will no doubt look a little different this year, with social distancing guidelines still in place.

But this isn’t to say that there can’t be any fun and games this summer. Here are some great socially distanced outdoors games, perfect for your summer barbecues, garden parties and more!

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1) Desert Island Dilemmas 

Looking for conversation starters when everyone arrives? Ridley's Games' Desert Island Dilemmas Mash Ups game is a great way to start the evening and to really, really get to know your fellow players. Each player is faced with a hilarious desert island dilemma, that they must solve in front of everyone else. There are 2500 potential combinations to choose from, so continue to be baffled!

How to socially distance it: Give someone the job of reading the cards out loud, so the cards aren't being passed around. The host asks everyone a different dilemma in turn. Beware: serious debates may occur!

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2) Kan Jam

This is an easy-to-set-up BBQ party game for adults that will keep everyone moving. Also known as garbage can frisbee, Kan Jam is a game where you toss discs (or frisbees) toward an empty trash can with the goal of getting exactly 21 points. If you hit the can, you get 1 point. However, if your disc lands perfectly inside, you get an instant win. This is even funnier in the dark...!

How to socially distance it: Everyone can bring their own frisbee for this one! Your frisbee will be for yourself and the trash can alone. You can mark out the spot where people will throw from, and create a social distancing bubble around that with various objects around the garden.   

3) Get everyone to Think Fast!

Get everyone in a great mood for the evening by playing a fun, fast-paced game! In Ridley's Games' Think Fast, teams go head-to-head in 3 rounds of trivia.  With each round, the answers stay the same but the questions get harder, until you're only given one word! 

How to socially distance it: This game is super simple to play while social distancing. This game requires one host to ask the questions and keep time and score, so as long as everyone is sat a good distance apart, you shouldn't have to worry.

4) Backyard Scrabble

This may require a little prep, but it's definitely worth it. Make your own giant DIY scrabble pieces and lay them face down outside. Get everyone to pick up 7 letters and embark on a giant game of Scrabble, while everyone's still sober enough to spell...!

How to socially distance it: Make a wide open space on the lawn, and set all the chairs around it. The space will be your 'grid'. Only one person is allowed on the grid at once! 

5) Do a Trivia Quiz

Show off the trivia skills you've gained during lockdown with a good old trivia quiz, like Ridley's Games' World Tour Trivia Quiz! To play, simply divide into two teams, and ask the opposing team questions. 1 point is awarded for each correct answer, and the first team to get to 10 correct answers wins! 

How to socially distance it: Separate the deck in two, disinfect and pass onto the opposing team (or have two separate decks). Try to make sure members from the same house are in the same team. If this isn't possible, the game will still work well with everybody sat 2m apart, and both teams facing each other. 

Turn this into a drinking game: The first team to get to 3, 5, then 10 points, distributes 3, 5, and then 10 sips across the opposing team. Everyone drinks whenever certain countries comes up (draw up a list of 5 countries beforehand). Check out our Pretty Useful Tools Cocktail Shaker to whip up those drinks in style! 

6) Giant Checkers

Checkers is another great BBQ party game, and it's even better on a giant game board. This is great for that moment where everyone's digesting, as it's more strategy-based and doesn't require a lot of movement!

How to socially distance it: Put your giant board a little further away from the crowd. People can play two at a time, and then alternate (as long as the board is disinfected between rounds). Keeping your distance can even become part of the game: try to stay 2m apart at all times, wherever your checkers are lying on the board! 

You can always practice your checker skills ahead of the big game with our Ridley's Chess and Checkers Game Set:


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