New Dog Starter Kit: Meet Designer Kylie Mordle, and Waldo the Dachshund!

Did you say walk?!

Our New Dog Starter Kit from Wild & Woofy has everything you need to welcome your new bundle of fur to the family: a leash, a collapsible bowl and even a fancy bow, all packaged in a gift-ready box.

Best of all, it was thought up and designed in-house by somebody who really 'gets' dogs...

 Kylie Mordle, Wild & Woofy designer and owner of a bossy dachshund called Waldo, spoke to us about the design process behind this paw-fect Starter Kit...



Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Kylie Mordle, a Senior Designer. I’m passionate about all things creative, including my latest obsession, ceramics. However, my biggest obsession of all is dogs. I literally chase people down the street to pet their dogs (yes, I am one of those people).

It would be rude not to mention my favourite dog here - a very bossy dachshund called Waldo, who I co-parent with my folks.



Could you tell us a little about your design, the New Dog Starter Kit?

The kit contains all the essentials for new dog owners, packaged in a gift-ready box. There’s a leash for walks, a ball for playtime, a fancy bow for those special occasions and a collapsible bowl for when your dog has built up a thirst in the park.

There are also milestones cards inside the lid, which you can cut out and pop on the fridge with a few magnets or stick into your doggy journal.

The box is fully recyclable (it even features the message, “Don’t be a messy pup, recycle”, at the back).


How did the idea to make a starter kit for new dogs arise? 

Having experienced owning a puppy myself, I thought it would be a great idea to create a wrapped and ready gift which contains everything first-time dog owners need. 

The Dog Starter Kit is one of many designs by Wild & Woofy, a brand we launched in early 2020. In terms of the thinking behind the brand, I wanted to create a pet range which was a bit different from the norm.

If you’ve ever been around a dog for some time, you’ll realise that they all have such different personalities.



The design of all Wild & Woofy products is based on a conversation you could have with your dog, from the dog’s point of view.

It’s everything your dog would say if he or she could talk, like “Did You Say Walk?” (on the Dog Starter Kit), “I’m everyone’s friend” (on our Reversible Dog Bandana) or “Ooh I love a bath” (on our Dog Grooming Kit)!



As you know, we love making our gifts as thoughtful as possible here at Wild + Wolf. What makes the New Dog Starter Kit a great gift?

I think this would be a great gift for someone who’s just got a puppy or adopted a dog for the first time. It’s quite versatile, in that it’s not just for puppies. I know lots of people adopt slightly older dogs so this could be a good fit for most new dog owners.

It’s great because it’s a gift for both the owner and the dog. It’s all wrapped and ready in a gift box so both dog and owner feel like they’re in for a treat!



What situation can you see the kit being used in? …and does Waldo have his own Dog Starter Kit?

I would take this kit for walks. It’s great for the park, fields, wherever. The carabiner clip on the collapsible bowl means that it’s easy to clip onto your belt and carry around with you, no matter how long the walk. 

And yes, he does! I personally keep the kit in the car, so it's always ready when he needs it.  I also take it to the ‘Sausage Meet’, which is a group for dachshund owners in my area. Once every two months, every dachshund owner in the area meets up for a collective walk. Seeing so many sausage dogs in one place is a sight to see!