Introvert-Friendly Ideas for Lockdown Entertainment

Looking for a form of entertainment that doesn’t include video calls, or another night of Charades with the family?

From quiz nights to fun virtual hangouts, everyone has been really creative in finding ways to keep entertained during lockdown. However, these new activities may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Introverts – who tend to gain energy from the quieter, more ‘solo’ moments – might even be feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.

Quiet trips to cafés, leafing through books in bookshops, wandering into the nearest art gallery or cinema – these are surely the things that introverts are missing the most. How can we replace them?

Here are four ways for introverts to keep entertained – without feeling overwhelmed…

Recreate a café

Missing that jazzy music, the smell of coffee, hearing the hustle and bustle of the café - all whilst being alone in your thoughts? Set up a spot in your house that can be “your” café.

Buy some beautiful drinkware (check out our beautiful Folklore Enamel Coffee Mugs for inspiration). Set a table right by a window, far from your computer/TV. If you have a garden to set up in, that’s even better.

If not, get a few plants and sit there with the window open, weather permitting. You choose the music. Treat yourself to a takeaway coffee if you can, for the ultimate café experience. This will both create a routine and that feeling of quiet wellbeing.

Get on your bike

If you’re lucky enough to have a bike, there’s nothing more liberating then soaring off into the distance.

Make it a routine to get out on your bike every day after work, or perhaps a long ride once a week. It’s a great way to discover new parts of town that are that little too far for walking. 

Choose which streets you want to go down; let yourself get a bit lost. Recreate that gentle feeling of wandering into that art gallery - by wandering through and rediscovering your own town. 

(Our Gentlemen's Hardware Bicycle Repair Kit should guard you against punctures along the way!)

Start a journal

A journal is a must-have for introverts looking to blow off a little steam - and a fun activity to stick to every day.

Carving out a little moment to write during the day is great for regaining a sense of purpose and routine - essential for those whose routines have been turned upside down at the moment. 

Journaling is a great way of reducing stress and clearing the mind, too. In fact, Psychology Today magazine says that keeping a thought diary can help manage anxiety.

Check out our inspiring stationery selection to get you started! 


Doing puzzles is a great way of being with other people and accomplishing something together, whilst also being in a calm, easy going environment. It’s a great thing to do alone, too, and can keep you busy for many hours (especially our 500 & 1000-piece Puzzles from Ridley's Games).

Time spent away from screens, generally leaves you feeling much more relaxed & energised than time spent online. So if you’re looking for a screen-free, stay-at-home activity that will keep you going for hours, this is the one. Happy puzzling!