Indoor Play Ideas for Every Day of the Week!

During the current circumstances, many parents and little ones are spending a lot more time indoors. We know that it can be hard to keep things fun and exciting when everyone’s stuck at home, so we’ve come up with a week’s worth of fun & easy ideas for indoor play, for all the family to enjoy!

We suggest trying one activity per day, every day of the week. Just print this post and pop it on your fridge for your daily idea!



Write a story together

Invent a superhero and tell their story together! These questions may help you plot out the story:

What’s your superhero’s name?

What’s his or her superpower?

Where does he or she live?

Who’s his or her sidekick? And arch enemy?

What’s his or her mission today?

Once you’ve answered the questions, you can get writing! Illustrate the story as you go...



Play a family board game!

Play rounds upon rounds of your family's favourite board game! Board games are great for boosting skills such as decision making and problem solving in your child – and they’re a fantastic family activity!

We suggest playing Catventures, Petit Collage's a-meow-zing game for all cat lovers, little and big. Gameplay involves answering all sorts of fun questions about cats and acting out all the silly things they do!



Arts and crafts

Get some big sheets of paper, glitter, glue and felt tip pens and become master artists!

If you’re feeling super creative, you can always take some bits and bobs out of the recycling bin and cut and stick them onto your work of art for a really cool collage (cereal boxes, juice cartons…).



Draw each other

Get the whole family to draw portraits of each other! Get everyone in the same room and put all their names into a hat. The person’s name you pull out of the hat is the person you have to draw!

Sit down with pencils and paper and try to make the most realistic (or funniest) portraits you can. If you want to make it extra hard, you can set a timer and limit drawing time to 10, 5 or even 2 minutes!

You can go and stick each other’s’ portraits onto their bedroom doors later on…



Make mud pies

Get some soil, a bowl and some water and you're all set for an afternoon of wonderfully messy creations!

Make gooey chocolatey-looking ‘cakes’, extravagant mud palaces and a bunch of mud people!



Build a fort

Make a fort with your little one! Get some pillows and blankets and create the perfect hideaway spot...

Then get tucked away with their favourite toys and let their imaginations go wild!



Life sized drawings

Stick a few pieces of paper together, encourage your little one to lie on the floor and draw their outline with a felt tip pen!

They can then colour it in, design their own clothes and add all sorts of accessories... If you’re looking for props, you can head over to the kitchen and get some pasta shells to make some funny earrings, or dried chickpeas for a big pearl necklace!


We hope you’ll enjoy trying out these ideas! Tag us @wildandwolf and @petitcollage on Instagram with any of your creations or your own creative indoor play suggestions! 😊