All About Gentlemen's Hardware

It’s one of Wild + Wolf’s oldest and bestselling in-house brands. Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of our popular ‘The Adventure Begins’ Enamel Mug' on Instagram, or you borrowed a friend’s Multi-Tool to do some DIY around the house.

You might have even got that same tool for Christmas.

But how much do you really know about our hard-wearing lifestyle brand, Gentlemen’s Hardware?

We think the story behind the brand is pretty inspiring. So we’ve decided to share some of the best tidbits with you.

The first ever collection of Gentlemen’s Hardware included many grooming lines, and we’ve stayed true to those origins with our newest lines like the Flight Ready Travel Kit.

It all started with the word… ‘Gift’

Gentlemen’s Hardware started out in 2012 as a team of two designers, with a big vision.

They’d spotted a gap in the men’s gifting market that they wanted to fill.

The goal was to become a one-stop gift shop for men; to create a space where you could find premium gifts that your dad, your brother, your partner, would love.

So they got cracking. They designed a range of Multi-Tools, grooming accessories and outdoor goods. The designs were practical, durable and useful, with a strong focus on adventure. Most of all, they were giftable.

Aided by the team here at Wild + Wolf, their vision was brought to life.

In our second collection, we unveiled our first range of Multi-Tools which have become an evergreen product category for the brand ever since.

A leading brand

Major retailers, such as John Lewis and Galleries LaFayette, quickly got on board.

By 2016, Gentlemen’s Hardware was stocked in over 1000 stores. It was recognized in the market as being a leading, innovative lifestyle brand.

The durability and practicality of the gifts, combined with the innovation in the design, immediately appealed to dads and sons alike.

In later collections, we began to introduce our Barware ranges, which has influenced products like our new Cocktail Multi-Tool.

Focusing on Innovation

Gentlemen’s Hardware likes to evolve with the gents around it.

So, this season, it’s had a slight refresh. Products that used to have a leathery, vintage feel have now developed a more contemporary design.

The new range features grey packaging for a fresher, cleaner, more premium look.

Tech goods are now a big - and expanding - part of the range. The new Spring/Summer 2020 range features stylish commuter tools such as a Power Bank, a Key Tidy with a USB drive - and much more.

A new, revamped range of cosmetics is also on its way.

Of course, adventure is still a priority. This season is seeing the exciting launch of a Travel Hammock, a Glow in the Dark Water Bottle and many more innovative Multi-Tools.

Adventure has always been a main focus of the brand, and we’ve been broadening our outdoor lines to be more innovative, like with our new Waterproof Phone Case.

Prioritizing Sustainability

Gentlemen’s Hardware has been eco-conscious from the get-go. They try to keep their products as plastic-free as possible, only using it when necessary. Most of the cosmetics range is vegan.

This pairs perfectly with Wild + Wolf’s goal to become more sustainable as a company.

In our most recent collection, we’ve now moved into an exciting new category with our range of tech products, like our USB Key Tidy.

To give you that perfect gift

From Multi-Tools to gadgets, grooming accessories to barware, from kitchenware to outdoor goods, Gentlemen’s Hardware truly does appeal to every and any gent.

It’s now being distributed to 60 countries and over 5000 shops worldwide. The team remains surprisingly small – and unfalteringly brilliant!