5 Top Tips for your Bike Rides this Summer

Are you ready to hit the road?

With summer fast approaching, you may be planning some bike trips out of town, and beyond. But do you really have everything you need to hit the road?

Here are our suggestions on how to best prepare for your cycling adventures this summer... 

1. Plan your route

When you're heading out on your bike, the last thing you want to do is constantly stop and check Google Maps. So before you set out, take a little time to map out your route. Consider both yourself and your bike. What terrains/roads do you feel comfortable with, and which are best avoided? 

We recommend checking out this journey planner on Cycle Streets. On top of advising the best route, it gives you useful information on journey time, distance, calories lost, quietness, and the amount of C02 avoided.

2. Roll on the snacks

...or don't. Depending on how long your bike ride is, make sure to have enough fuel to get you there and back. 

 According to Cycling UK:

  • For a 20 mile bike ride, you should be ok with just a bottle of water  - as long as you've eaten a good breakfast before heading off. In warmer weather, consider adding an electrolyte tablet to your water. This will replace any lost salts through sweat and stop you dehydrating. (Looking for a water bottle? We recommend our 24 fl oz Glow in the Dark Water Bottle by Gentlemen's Hardware).
  • For a 50 mile bike road or more, consider bringing a mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fatty foods. Some good carbohydrates to consider are sweet potato, porridge & rice.When selecting your protein, look for lean meats such as chicken or turkey, or lentils/chickpeas. Nuts, seeds and oily fish are all good for your fat intake. 

Read more cycling dietary advice & information here

3. Think comfort

It's so important to consider the right clothes when cycling - particularly in the summer heat.

For those longer journeys, Cycling UK recommends wearing the simple, comfortable combination of padded shorts and a jersey. For accessories, consider getting a lightweight, waterproof jacket, and perhaps arm and leg warmers to fend off the morning chill. Don't forget to pack a good pair of sunglasses and plenty of sun cream, too!

To protect against chafing and other forms of discomfort on the road, we recommend our Easy Rider Cyclist's Kit by Gentlemen's Hardware. The combination of Chamois Cream, 3-in-one Wash and Lip Salve should help keep you comfortable on those longer trips! 

4. Be prepared 

Bikes do sometimes need some love and attention - so be prepared to be your own bike mechanic! Look into having a good bike tool kit to use from home, as well as a repair kit for the road for those quick repairs.

For a complete tool kit, check out our Gentlemen's Hardware Bicycle Tool KitFor handy puncture repairs on the road, our Gentlemen's Hardware Bicycle Repair Kit should have you back on your bike in no time. 


5.  Discover something new

Feeling super adventurous? Check out some of the incredible cycle routes the US has to offer. From the Washington Parks Route to the Texas Hill Country Loop, there are plenty of amazing cycling routes to discover. You can find a break-down of the routes here. Even if the routes look a bit epic, you can always put them on your cycling bucket list for the summers to come!

Happy cycling!