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Add Some Love To Your Valentine’s Day Displays!


Make sure your shop is ready for Valentine's Day this year! We share some top consumer trends and merching advice for you to make the most out of the retail day of love.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’d like to help your shoppers find that special gift to help express their appreciation and love for their friends and partners.

We have uncovered several key consumer trends for Valentine’s Day 2019 and we’ve curated a selection of our products that fit with each trend.

So, whether they’re buying for their gal squad, for their special someone, or simply treating themselves, there are a host of unique and beautifully designed gift ideas that we hope will delight and inspire this Valentine’s Day.

Trend #1: Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day shows signs of being in full swing in 2019 and onwards. All about the celebration of women, ladies are encouraged to buy gifts for their girlfriends, and with the recent very popular ‘woman power’ trend dominating social media and beyond, women will be looking to buy feminism-themed gifts. Women will also be on the lookout for gifts that are unique and thoughtful and that really capture the essence of their wonderful friend’s personalities, cater to their favourite hobbies and interests or that are very practical and will make everyday life easier for the special ladies in their lives. Our Yes Studio ‘Feminist’ Mug and ‘Woman Power’ Notebook are great examples of perfect Galentine’s Day gifts, as well as

Trend #2: Thoughtful Gifts for Him

This trend sees its roots in the recent shift towards thoughtful and unique gifts for him. With Valentine’s Day being traditionally ‘women-centric’, gifts for men are usually forgotten within the retail space during the holiday. That’s all about to change, as instead of the typical gifts like a watch or a bottle of liquor, consumers have been keen to think outside the box for Valentine’s Day gifts for the special men in their lives. Think practical and functional gifts that men will have a use for in their hobby pursuits or even light-hearted gifts that are beautifully designed such as our Gentlemen’s Hardware Cocktail Multi Tool or Mermaid Bottle Opener.

Trend #3: Self Love

While the Anti-Valentine’s Day concept has been around for many years now, it’s starting to take new life with an ‘it’s okay/proud to be single’ message which translates to treating yourself on Valentine’s Day. It’s been linked to the popular self-care movement of late with the focus being on looking after/thinking of yourself with some self love. Products like our Yes Studio ‘Treat yo’ self’ makeup bag tap into this sentiment perfectly.

You can make the most of the occasion in your shops by including an alternative Valentine’s Day display i.e. ‘For Galentine’s, For Yourself, For Him’ alongside the traditional red/pink flowers and chocolate display. Also having a mixture of low and high price points in the alternative display to capture both the passive and keen-to-splurge Anti-Valentine’s Day shoppers.

We wish you the best of luck for trading this Valentine’s Day!